BRIGHTSTAR 'PHONE CITY' 3D Interactive platform

Made for the Mobile World Congress and Online

Brightstar is a multi-billion corporation that distributes smartphones. Having the largest area booked for the renowned Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They needed content that would really impress potential clients.

Brightstar set us the challenge of creating a photorealistic city, all within a masiive smartphone, with 12 key buildings that can be selected and zoomed in to.


Being the sole creator of this entire 3D environemnt, I had a massive challenge on my hands. I had a month to make the whole scene. So modeling all the different buildings in the timeframe was not an option. The big challenge was creating a seamless composition that worked practically for what we had to show, looked photorealistic, but most importantly, looked good.

12 Key buildings

As part of the interactive platform, Brightstar wanted us to zoom the camera in to each of 12 focus buildings that have relevance to the Brightstar story, once the building has been selected by the user. While the basic models were purchased. The customisation of textures, lighting and composition were the key elements to get right here.

Here are my favourite 6:



As well as creating this whole environemnt, Brightstar wanted me to create an animated introduction that really drew potential users in. I decided to go for a building reveal introduction so really set the scene. For the buildings to ripple outwards from the key building - the Brightstar Control Tower - seemed like the perfect choice to show the heirachy of importance.

Click the image to watch in action


the Final interactive platform, dispayed at the Mobile World Congress was split between two screens, city in the top screen, and content and description in the table screen surface. Brightstar were very happy with the end result, and is a great marketing platform from a company that has very little advertising presence or previous content.

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