The Evolution of the Car Stereo

Hyundai Mercury Prize 2017

Hyundai came to us in March 2017 to ask us to make a short animation  of the history of car stereos to help promote the upcoming Hyundai Mercury Prize, and to express the link between the love of music and cars throughout the ages.


I was tasked with being sole creator of this animation in less than two weeks. So first things first....references!


My first approach was to go for a 2D approach using just After Effects.

But after considering it amongst the team, we thought Hyundai, as such a bluechip client deserved something a little more to give the animation that premium look and feel.


So starting from scratch. I realised that the pose morph tag in Cinema 4D allowed me to be able to morph objects between two states and shapes. It was perfect for our purposes. Allowing the radio to flow seamlessly from one to the other gave the impression of a natural progressive evolution, while allowing more flexibility and realism to the piece.


By the end, I had morphed between 9 different car stereos from 1952 to 2017, ending in Hyundai's current advanced stereo system. The client was very happy with the end result, and had great engaement on Hyundai UK's social platforms.

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